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Synbioflora Pre+Probiotics for Medium & Large Breed Dogs (60 chewable tablets)

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SYNBIOFLORA is a nutritional supplement containing a prebiotic and probiotic bacteria complex developed specifically for cats and dogs to help maintain balanced digestive health. Contains a live (live) source of naturally occurring microorganisms that help support proper digestion and gut health, and additional prebiotics to support the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that support the balance of microflora in the gut by helping to control the balance of the digestive system, which is essential for improving the digestive system and overall health.

The main ingredient of Synbioflora is a probiotic compound called Enterococcus.

For dogs and cats, Enterococcus faecium is an essential natural ingredient that aids healthy digestion and increases good bacteria.

Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that are selectively used for energy by colonies of beneficial bacteria that normally live in the large intestine. Two main classes of prebiotics have been found to aid in the intestinal health of pets: fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS).

FOS promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and limits the growth of harmful bacteria.

MOS fiber contains the sugar mannose and limits the ability of harmful bacteria to attach to the colon wall so that they pass into the stool (faeces) without causing illness. Both of these prebiotics have been proven to help treat infectious and non-infectious diarrhea in cats and dogs.

The fact that probiotics and prebiotics work in the same environment provides an increase in efficiency by preparing the environment for symbiotic relationship.

FOS, MOS and Inulin supplementation is important in reducing bloating in animals.


To help maintain and regulate the intestinal flora, for dogs 10-25kg body weight feed 1 tablet daily.

For dogs over 25kg feed 2 tablets daily.

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Synbioflora Pre+Probiotics for Medium & Large Breed Dogs (60 chewable tablets)

Dhs. 82.00 AED