Renal and Oxalate with chicken 100g

Dhs. 10.45


Renal & Oxalate is specially formulated to meet the requirements of cats with chronic renal failure. The diet is limited in protein and phosphorous, which prevents the accumulation of waste, reduces the stress on the kidneys and ultimately slows down the progression of renal failure. The proteins used are of high quality, in order to meet the amino acids requirements, without leading to excess waste products. Renal & Oxalate’s energy density reduces food volume, to help animals with a loss of appetite to meet their daily energy requirement.

Renal & Oxalate dietary food is also designed to reduce the formation of calcium oxalate. The use of potassium citrate has a urine pH-increasing effect, which reduces the excretion of calcium in urine. In addition, citrate is able to bind calcium, which can reduce the occurrence of calcium oxalate formation in urine.


Product features

  • Assists the kidneys in regulating the water and electrolyte balance in the body and the removal of unusable metabolites.
  • High biological value of the protein results in a small amount of residual amino acids.

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