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Paw & Nose Balm Dog 60ml

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Introducing DogsLife Paw & Nose Balm Dog 60 Ml – Your Dog's Ultimate Solution for Cracked Paws and Noses!
Choose DogsLife Paw & Nose Balm Dog for a holistic solution to cracked paws and noses. With our carefully crafted formula, your dog's well-being is in good hands.

Product Features:
Protects, Heals & Soothes: This balm is your answer to crusty noses and cracked paws, providing comprehensive care for your dog's delicate areas.
100% Organic & Natural Ingredients: DogsLife ultra-nourishing organic paw protection formula is crafted from natural ingredients to support skin repair and soothe itchy paws naturally.
Multipurpose Moisturizer: Combat itching paws, dry pads, cracked snouts, and crusty noses with this ultimate paw and nose treatment. A versatile solution for various skin concerns.
Lick Safe & Anti-fungal: Veterinarian-approved, this balm is safe to ingest, offering peace of mind while promoting healing and preventing fungal issues.
Heal and Protect: Experience the healing and protective properties of our unique blend of natural ingredients. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to happy, healthy paws and noses.
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Paw & Nose Balm Dog 60ml

Dhs. 42.00 AED