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Original All Natural Cat Litter

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Designed for households with multiple Purr machines.
Cat litter with very high odor control and quick clumping power is often needed in households with multiple cats. The ideal solution is sWheat Scoop natural, unscented Multi-Cat litter. Its special wheat blend is high in natural starches to facilitate quicker clumping and simpler scooping and is loaded with nature's own potent odor-fighting enzymes. Additionally, it is flushable, all-natural, and biodegradable like all Wheat Scoop cat litters. Additionally, tracking is negligible, and cleanup is simple because to the virtually dust-free nature of Wheat Scoop natural cat litter. For houses with multiple litter boxes or shared spaces, it truly is the best option.

Product Features:
- 100% Natural: No dyes, perfumes or chemicals
- Flushable*: 100% biodegradable for flushable clumps
- 99.5% Dust Free: No dust cloud to breathe in
- Odor Neutralizing Enzymes: Powerful odor control in every grain of wheat
- Enhanced Clumping: Natural starches provide fast clumping action and easy scooping
- Low Tracking: Keeps paw prints inside the litter box
- Made in the USA: Reliably sourced from farms in the United States
- Better for the Planet: What comes from the planet can go back with no harm
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Original All Natural Cat Litter