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INTERSAND Odourlock Maxcare 12kg

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Product description

OdourLock MaxCare is the only ultra-premium clay clumping litter to detect glucose in cat’s urine. Also, compared to its competitors, it only needs one drop of blood in cat’s urine for the granules to detect it.
No other health issues monitoring cat litter performs like this one.

This easy-to-use and read process makes monitoring a cat’s ongoing health and well-being simple for cat parents, plus offers additional peace of mind. Made with the highest quality bentonite, this technology has also been tested by Blücare Laboratories specialists and guarantees 40 days of no odor.

  • 5 in 1 – ultra premium clay litter
    Health indicator
    Blocks ammonia
    Extra-hard clumping
    Dust free
    No tracking
  • Blücare technology detect the blood and glucose in the urine are indicators of urinary disease and diabetes respectively
  • Ultra clumping, dust free and blocks ammonia
  • Made in Canada
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INTERSAND Odourlock Maxcare 12kg

Dhs. 189.00 AED