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Infiniti Automatic Feeder with stainless steel bowl

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  • Made of 304 stainless steel and ABS. Easy cleaning and dissembling.
  • Built-in personalized (20S) voice recording system allows your pet to hear your voice during mealtime.
  • Compatible with dry food, freeze-dried food (kibble diameter<12*12mm), and air-dried food.
  • Auto rotating bowl prevents over loaded food and food stacking. It also avoids food spill and Every grain falls evenly and decently.
  • Built-in weight sensor measures accurately.
  • The 3 built-in lock systems keep food fresh. Sealing silicon on the lid and at the door and the desiccant box keep the food dry.
  • Feed your pets by setting up feeding schedules or manually in the App.
  • Check the comprehensive feeding data including time and amount in the App.
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Infiniti Automatic Feeder with stainless steel bowl


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