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Eversweet 'SOLO' Water Fountain Grey

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Ever searched for pet products that don't just look the part, but play the part as well? Well, your search is now over! Petkit's intelligent range of accessories is perfect for the modern pet parent, incorporating clever technologies to make life just that little bit easier - and happier.

The Eversweet Solo Water Fountain is a sleek and intelligent water bowl for your pet, filtering water through three different medias to ensure a debris- and heavy metal-free supply of water for your pet. It even features a soft indicator light to alert you when the water level is low, and multiple modes to swap between. The ultra-silent operation (max 30dB) also minimises the sound of dripping water, while water shortage reminders and filter changer reminders make sure that you know when the water supply is full and fresh. The single bucket design makes it easy to clean, and the replaceable pump means easy maintenance for long-term use.

This fountain features a quieter pump (just 30dB) and a stronger pump to push hair and debris sitting on top of the water into the filter.

  • Smart water fountain
  • Keeps water fresh - unique layered filtration system to remove hair and other impurities
  • Smart mode option for energy conservation
  • Soft indicator light to alert you when the water level is low
  • Silent pump, approx 30dB
  • Elevated design ideal for dogs with neck or spinal issues
  • Size: 160mm x 160mm x 158mm
  • Holds 1.8L water

Included in the box:
- Eversweet SOLO x 1 (GREY)
- Eversweet filter x 1
- Eversweet filter tray x 1
- Eversweet Water Pump Foam Filter x 1
- Eversweet USB 2.0/3.0 cable; no plug

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Eversweet 'SOLO' Water Fountain Grey

Dhs. 188.00 AED