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Dog Dental Care Kit

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Elevate your pup's oral care routine with the DogsLife Dog Dental Kit – a must-have for a sparkling canine smile!
Why Choose DogsLife?
Because your dog's well-being matters. DogsLife Dog Dental Kit is not just a quick fix – it's a commitment to the long-term health and happiness of your four-legged family member.

Choose DogsLife – because a healthier smile means a happier dog!
Combat Bad Breath & Plaque:
DogsLife Dental Care Kit is expertly tested to eliminate plaque, ensuring your furry friend's breath stays fresh and their teeth stay healthy. Bid farewell to discomfort caused by poor dental hygiene!

Natural Freshness, Always:
Formulated with a blend of natural Aloe Vera and Peppermint, our toothpaste not only fights plaque but leaves a lasting, minty freshness. Because your dog deserves a breath as pleasant as their personality.

Triple-Headed Cleaning Precision:
Enjoy a hassle-free brushing experience with our innovative triple-headed toothbrush. It reaches every corner, making dental care a breeze for both puppy and adult teeth.

Product Features:
Plaque-Busting Power: Say hello to a healthier mouth as our formula works its magic on stubborn plaque.
Breath of Fresh Air: Natural ingredients guarantee a breath that you and your furry friend will love.
Suitable for All Ages: From playful pups to wise seniors, our Dental Kit suits dogs of all ages.
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Dog Dental Care Kit

Dhs. 53.00 AED