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Smiley Calming Aid (30 strips)

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Product description

Want to see your pet calm & happy? Then SMILEY is the one for you. It contains a mix of natural calming ingredients that help with travel-anxiety, loud noises, separation anxiety & more.
  • Provides natural calming effect
  • Soothes without inducing drowsiness
  • Helps deal with stress/anxiety
A herbal calming ingredient. Apart from its proven calming effects, it also relaxes muscles. Helps with mild stress, anxiety & insomnia.

A natural hormone that relaxes the body & induces sleep. Helps calm separation anxiety & phobias.

A natural amino acid that promotes relaxation in pets that show signs of nervousness, anxiousness or stress.

An amino-acid essential for production of neurotransmitters. Reduces stress & aggression in pets.

How to use?
Place on pet’s tongue
Wait for a minute
Strip melts, releasing nutrients
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Smiley Calming Aid (30 strips)

Dhs. 110.00 AED