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Anti-Barf Aid (30 strips)

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Concerned about your dog puking? Then ANTI-BARF is the one for you. It will calm your pet’s digestion & prevent vomiting, for a puke-free experience!

  • Relieves nausea & motion sickness
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Supports better immunity
A natural anti-emetic. Its extracts accelerate gastric emptying & soothe an upset stomach. Also since food doesn’t linger in the gut, this aids digestion as well.

Grape seeds
Rich in fibre & antioxidants, grape seeds enable efficient digestion & prevent free-radical damage.

Carrom seeds
A natural spice that helps treat indigestion & other digestive issues, thereby reducing chances of vomiting & nausea.

How to use?
Place on pet’s tongue
Wait for a minute
Strip melts, releasing nutrients
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Anti-Barf Aid (30 strips)

Dhs. 110.00 AED