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Tummy Digestive Aid (30 strips)

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Does your pet have digestion problems? Then TUMMY is the one for you. Made with natural digestive enzymes & good bacteria, it helps your pet get the most out of their food without any hiccups in digestion.

  • Supplies a host of good bacteria
  • Supports with added natural digestive enzymes
  • Protection from digestive issues
Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Naturally good bacteria, helps inhibit the growth of bad bacteria & keeps gut health in check, restoring normal digestive functioning.
This natural enzyme is responsible for digestion of carbohydrates in animals. Cats & dogs do not produce their own amylase, hence require it via their diet.
A natural enzyme that helps in protein digestion. It breaks down proteins into amino acids, which are then used throughout the body for various purposes.
Natural enzyme in dogs & cats that helps digest & absorb fats from their food. Lipase deficiency can cause undigested fat to be accumulated in blood vessels & clog up the arterie

How to use?
Place on pet’s tongue
Wait for a minute
Strip melts, releasing nutrients
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Tummy Digestive Aid (30 strips)

Dhs. 110.00 AED