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Breezy Dome Carrier Pink

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  • Take Your Cat Out to See the World with PETKIT: We designed this cat carrier backpack with a generous window so your pet can enjoy the scenery! The tinted window keeps out harsh light, providing a calming place for your cat to travel in comfort

  • Easy and Breezy: With mesh panels and multiple ventilation holes, plus our clever Coanda Effect ventilation system, your pet will enjoy great air circulation on the go. The quite, built-in fan provides fresh airflow for your precious cat (or small dog) to keep the temperature inside comfortable. If you want the best for your pet, you can’t go wrong with PETKIT!

  • Light The Night For Your Pet: No fumbling for a switch in the dark! A simple double tap of the controls will gently and gradually illuminate the interior so it doesn’t startle your resting kitty, allowing your pet to see their surroundings and allowing you to peek in on your pet.

  • Made to Last: We made our backpack from strong and durable materials so you don’t need to worry about damage done by clawing or gnawing, while also ensuring your cat’s complete comfort

  • Eye-Catching and Lightweight: Entire backpack is about 3 lbs.:13" L x 12" W x 18" H (Airline Approved- generally acceptable for use, please consult and confirm with your airline before traveling). Suggested for: 0-17lbs pets. Detachable pad allows a pet to wad back and sit inside. The pocket on the side can be used to fill in pet snacks

  • Please note: The fan needs a power bank. Power bank is not included
  • Has an advanced ventilation system and mesh openings so your kitty won’t have to feel suffocated
  • Inclusive of an intelligent built-in temperature sensor that provides the option of manual or automatic control
  • The dark brown tint of the window beats the heat!
  • The inside of the carrier is lined with scratch-resistant materials
  • The soft pad on the bottom is washable so it stays clean and germs would be out of reach
  • It keeps the pressure off your back because of its ergonomic design so you can conveniently wear the backpack for hours
  • A transparent window allows your pet to enjoy the outdoor scenery
  • The wide bottom area provides ample room for cats and small dogs under 8kgs
  • Paw-mazing inbuilt lamp eases anxiety for nighttime strolling
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps so it won’t make you feel snug at all
  • Small zippered pocket to store treats and other essentials
  • Waterproof to keep your pet cozy and dry on a rainy day
  • Footpads keep the backpack upright when placed on the floor
  • Suitable for cats & small sized dogs
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Breezy Dome Carrier Pink

Dhs. 387.50 AED