Weight Control & Diabetic Dry Dog Food 3kg (Exp 22/11/22)

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Complete dietary food for overweight / diabetic adult dogs

Weight & Diabetic is formulated to help your dog during the weight loss process. It is a complete dietary food with a reduced fat and energy content. The increased fibre content ensures satiety after a meal. The protein content is increased to prevent muscle wasting during weight loss and the vitamin and mineral levels in the diet have been adjusted to still be sufficient when a smaller amount of food is given.

This diet can be given during the weight loss process of your dog, when your pet has permanent lower energy requirements, also after the weight loss period. This allows your dog to reach and maintain his or her ideal weight more easily. Weight & Diabetic can also be used in (non-chronic) constipation due to the different types of fibre that are present in this food. Due to the increased fibre content and the use of slow-release carbohydrates, this diet is also suitable for animals that have difficulty maintaining a stable blood sugar level.

Ingredients: poultry meal, beet pulp, corn, corn gluten, wheat, wheat gluten, yeast, cellulose, poultry liver (hydrolysate), vitamins and trace elements, fish meal.

  • Is low in energy and contains little fat but sufficient essential fatty acids.
  • Slowly digestible carbohydrates ensure a gradual rise of blood glucose.
  • Promotes activity of the colon (activates peristaltic movement and prevents constipation).
  • Insoluble fibres retain water and ensure well formed, firm faeces.

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