Sensitive Skin Regulator Dry Dog Food 2.5kg (Exp. 28/6/23)

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Complete, easily digestible, hypoallergenic dietary food for dogs with food hypersensitivity

Regulator is a multifunctional hypoallergenic dietary food for dogs. The proteins in Regulator are hydrolysed. This means that the proteins in this diet are made smaller, in such a way that they are less likely to be recognised by the immune system as foreign. This significantly reduces the chances of an allergic reaction. Next to this, Regulator is high in the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and the omega 6 fatty acid GLA. These fatty acids are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Research has shown that these fatty acids are able to reduce the symptoms of pruritus and inflammations in allergic dogs.

The combination of hydrolysed proteins and a high content of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, from fish and borage oil, makes Regulator an ideal diet for dogs with food hypersensitivity as well as dogs that are allergic to environmental substances, like grass pollen, fleas or mites.

Ingredients: Rice, fish (hydrolysate), potato protein, poultry fat, fish oil, beet pulp, minerals, soy protein (hydrolysate), poulty liver (hydrolysate), borage oil, flax seed oil.

  • Hydrolysed proteins from fish, soya and chicken (molecular weight < 10,000 Dalton) which prevent allergic reactions of the immune system.
  • Enriched with borage and fish oil, rich in GLA, EPA and DHA fatty acids, which promote the healing process in infections and recovery of the skin (atopy).
  • GLA from borage oil is beneficial in case of diabetes mellitus, liver and thyroid problems.

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