Urinary Struvite Wet Food (6 x 400g)

Dhs. 108


Complete dietary food for adult dogs with struvite disorders

Urinary Struvite is dietary food, specially formulated to prevent the formation of struvite crystals. Struvite is a common but well treatable condition. Urinary Struvite lowers the urine pH, preventing the formation of struvite crystals. In combination with the lowered mineral content (magnesium), the reoccurrence is further reduced.

Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives (pork, chicken), cereals (wheat), fish and fish derivatives, oils and fats (sunflower oil), minerals, sugar.

  • The low potassium level will help to keep the urine pH at low levels.
  • Magnesium is at a safe low level, ensuring that long term preventive use causes no risk of hypomagnesemia.
  • Limits the uptake of minerals that lead to the formation of struvite.

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