Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food with Horse

Size: 3kg
Dhs. 141


Complete dietary food for dogs with insufficient liver function

Hepatic is a complete dietary food that can be used for liver problems. Given the important role of the liver in the processing of fat and the regulation of lipid metabolism, it is important to provide substances that support the metabolism of the liver. Hepatic is enriched with these so-called lipotropic agents (e.g. L-carnitine, lecithin and choline). These reduce the risk of fat accumulation in the liver, alleviate the liver and support regeneration of liver tissue.

Some dog breeds are known to carry a genetic abnormality, which allows copper to accumulate in the liver. When a large amount of copper enters the body via the diet, this may result in serious damage to the liver tissue. Hepatic for dogs has a reduced copper level, to prevent the accumulation hereof.

Ingredients: Potato, horse meal, poultry fat, beet pulp, poultry liver (hydrolysate), vitamins and minerals, fish oil, sodium chloride, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), lecithin, yeast extract hydrolysate (source of manno-oligosaccharides (MOS)

  • Hypoallergenic dietary food based on one animal protein source (horse) and one carbohydrate source (potato).

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