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Pooch & Mutt Calm and Relaxed Dog Food

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Pooch and Mutt Calm and Relaxed Complete Dog Food Turkey is a nutritionally balanced and complete dog food to help calm your dog.

A calming dog food to help keep your dog ‘Calm & Relaxed’ with:

  • 45% turkey; an L-tryptophan-rich protein source
  • Sweet potato; which contains high levels of ‘anti-stress’ B-vitamins and is both low gi and high in digestion-aiding fibre
  • Chamomile; a traditional relaxation aid that has been used for centuries
  • L-tryptophan; a natural amino acid that is used to form serotonin, the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter
  • Brewers yeast; rich in ‘anti-stress’ b-vitamins
  • Probiotics and prebiotics; to aid digestion, as digestive discomfort can cause dogs to become stressed.

Only Pooch & Mutt foods contain NUTRA-BIONIC.

NUTRA-BIONIC is a unique supplement that includes:

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin to aid joint health probiotics and prebiotics to aid digestive health
  • Omega 3&6, zinc and biotin to aid skin and coat
  • Yucca which can help reduce stool odour
  • Cranberry to aid urinary tract health
  • A full vitamin & mineral package and antioxidants.

Why feed grain free:
Many dogs struggle to digest foods that are high in grains (including corn and wheat). Intolerance to grain can manifest in many ways, such as digestive discomfort, itchy skin and sub-optimal health.

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Pooch & Mutt Calm and Relaxed Dog Food


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