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Just 6 Chicken Grain Free

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With just six carefully chosen ingredients for taste, nutrition, and digestion, Just 6 is a complete dog food that gives you the peace of mind that your dog is getting all the natural goodness it requires and nothing that it doesn't.

✔ More than 50% salmon – not only does the high salmon content make it delicious, diets rich in protein provide all of the nutrients for a happy, healthy dog.
✔ Delectable grain-free and hypoallergenic formula that supports natural management of food allergies. Simple nutrients, carbs, and minerals work together to naturally improve intestinal health.
✔ 100% complete and nutritionally complete; - ideal for feeding alone or in combination with wet food. NEW & IMPROVED RECIPE
✔ Just 6 carefully selected ingredients for taste, nutrition & digestion.
✔ Complete, grain-free dry dog food with over 50% lamb & salmon and added tasty fresh-baked bites.

THE JUST 6 PROMISE With Just 6 simple ingredients that you know and recognise, you can feel good knowing this tasty recipe gives all the natural goodness your dog needs and more.

- Chicken - Sweet Potato - Peas - Potato - Salmon Oil - Chicken Gravy

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Just 6 Chicken Grain Free