Hepatic 1kg

Dhs. 49.80


Happy Dog VET Hepatic can significantly help to support and relieve stress on the liver in dogs with chronic liver disease. A moderate amount of high-quality proteins with a high energy content effectively reduces the burden caused by harmful metabolic products. The ingredients are carefully selected: easy-to-digest rice, tasty salmon and milk thistle to protect the liver. This balanced recipe guarantees an optimum supply of nutrients. The vitamin and trace element contents are matched to the special needs of dogs with impaired liver function.

Happy Dog VET Hepatic can be used for the following indications: for liver disease, hepatic encephalopathies, portosystemic shunt or copper storage disease. Happy Dog VET Hepatic has a moderate protein and copper content. High protein digestibility helps to support protein metabolism; in particular, the amino acid profile of this complete food is specially optimised for pets with liver disease. The diet helps to bind ammonia in the gut, supports the intestinal flora and gut integrity and provides antioxidant protection. Happy Dog VET Hepatic thus supports the liver function in dogs with liver disorders.

  • Nutritional support for liver disease
  • Reduced protein content
  • Highly digestible
  • Reduced copper and sodium content

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