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Epilease 1000mg Bottle (Potassium Bromide) 120caps

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This product is indicated for use as an anti-epileptic therapy adjunct to phenobarbital in refractory cases of epilepsy in dogs.

The concentration of bromide in serum, the clinical response and the therapeutic effect of administration of the product vary between individuals.

A high chloride intake can increase the elimination of bromide. Therefore, whilst it is not necessary for dogs receiving this product to be on a low salt diet, an increase in the dog’s salt intake may require an adjustment in bromide dose. The salt content of a dog’s diet during the treatment period should not be altered drastically, and should be maintained at a stable level. It is advisable not to change the dog’s diet during therapy.

In the absence of studies to demonstrate the safety of bromide in pregnant and lactating bitches when used at the recommended doses, the product should not be used in these animals. 


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Epilease 1000mg Bottle (Potassium Bromide) 120caps

Dhs. 283.50 AED

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